1. Mr Bill

    Summary of Rules for Medical Marijuana

    This form lists the changes and updates of various laws and rulemaking related to the new medical marijuana laws.
  2. Mr Bill

    Positive Marijuana Tests Don't Always Prevent Workers' Comp Benefits

    Q: A recent Oklahoma court ruling allowed an employee to receive workers' compensation benefits despite a positive drug test. Could you tell us more about this case and the ruling? A: In this recent case, an employee tested positive for marijuana after he was injured when he attempted to help a...
  3. Mr Bill

    Collinsville Dispensary Considering Legal Action Against City

    Medical marijuana dispensary owner considers legal action against Collinsville over 'cease-and-desist letter' telling him not to open A prospective medical marijuana dispensary owner in Collinsville said Thursday he’s considering legal action after a municipal code enforcement worker provided...