1. Mr Bill

    Latest OMMA Stats

    Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority @OMMAOK As of January 14, 39,571 patient, 273 caregiver and 2,957 business applications received. 42,801 total. 30,835 patient, 191 caregiver, 848 dispensary, 1,385 grower and 361 processor licenses approved. 33,620 total.
  2. Mr Bill

    Commercial License Background Check Requirements

    Background check requirements for applying for a commercial license with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority.
  3. Mr Bill

    Oklahoma To Allow Out-of-State Residents To Apply For Temporary Medical Marijuana Licenses

    This temporary license offers people with a valid marijuana license from another state to buy, use and even grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Although the process implementing medical marijuana in Arkansas has been slow, Oklahoma has made quick work of their program after voters approved it...
  4. Mr Bill

    Early Look At Over 2000 Oklahoma Medical Cannabis License Applications

    Recently, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) began approving dispensary, cultivator and manufacturer applications. As of November 15, there were a total of 2,004 approved medical marijuana applications provided to us by the OMMA. In late August, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana...