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  1. Mr Bill

    Beware The MMJ Community Patient Drives!

    You may have seen them. They're advertised as a 'get out the patients to sign up for medicinal marijuana' venture. Sounds good, but are you paying too much to apply for your medical marijuana card at these places? Here is the skinny.......................... I have seen some costing as much as...
  2. Mr Bill

    Oklahoma City School Board Approves Medical Marijuana Use

    Oklahoma City district students with a medical condition that requires marijuana will be permitted to use the drug at school, the school board voted unanimously Monday night. According to the new policy, which takes effect immediately, the district will provide a private location for a...
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    11 Marijuana Terpenes You Should Know About

    Terpenes are exciting the marijuana industry. Labs are testing terpene profiles in controlled environments. This is all new and exciting in the world of cannabis, but people have been talking about terps for a while. Most plants (and even some insects) contain terpenes. People have been testing...
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    Endocannabinoid Deficiency Suspected As Cause For Fibromyalgia

    Leslie Kahn For decades, since fibromyalgia disproportionately affected women, those who suffered with its often debilitating effects were often labeled as “hysterical women.” Many doctors would not even acknowledge that it was a legitimate physical disorder and called women hypochondriacs. It...
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    Summary of Rules for Medical Marijuana

    This form lists the changes and updates of various laws and rulemaking related to the new medical marijuana laws.
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    Best Dispensaries In Lawton?

    Hi I was wondering what your favorite dispenseries are in Lawton? There seems to be so many! Who do you use? Thanks. Mark
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    A Few More Strains

    Ghost of Leroy - Looks delish! GG4 Gorilla Glue #4 Hong Kong Tahoe Alien Z7 Mark
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    Blueberry Headband

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    Alien Blue

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    Beautiful Medical Marijuana

    FILE - This Sept. 15, 2015, file photo shows marijuana plants a few weeks away from harvest in a medical marijuana cultivation center in Albion, Ill. A survey of U.S. cancer doctors released on Thursday, May 10, 2018, finds nearly half say they've recently recommended medical marijuana to...
  12. Mr Bill

    Oklahoma To Allow Out-of-State Residents To Apply For Temporary Medical Marijuana Licenses

    This temporary license offers people with a valid marijuana license from another state to buy, use and even grow medical marijuana in Oklahoma. Although the process implementing medical marijuana in Arkansas has been slow, Oklahoma has made quick work of their program after voters approved it...
  13. Mr Bill

    The Pot Is Too Damned High!!

    Before I even get my license, I've seen that the cost of this medical marijuana is exorbitant!! And with most insurance not covering it, the cost is prohibitive for many patients! MB 'Way over black market': Medical marijuana prices cause some sticker shock as question of taxes still looms A...
  14. Mr Bill

    Positive Marijuana Tests Don't Always Prevent Workers' Comp Benefits

    Q: A recent Oklahoma court ruling allowed an employee to receive workers' compensation benefits despite a positive drug test. Could you tell us more about this case and the ruling? A: In this recent case, an employee tested positive for marijuana after he was injured when he attempted to help a...
  15. Mr Bill

    Medical Marijuana Program Gets Rapid Rollout In Oklahoma

    Since my doctor has recommended I try medical cannabis, I've been researching it a lot. One thing I've found for sure................ Oklahoma is the envy of the nation for the very fast rollout of the new law! mb OKLAHOMA CITY - The rollout of statewide medical and recreational marijuana...
  16. Mr Bill

    Early Look At Over 2000 Oklahoma Medical Cannabis License Applications

    Recently, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) began approving dispensary, cultivator and manufacturer applications. As of November 15, there were a total of 2,004 approved medical marijuana applications provided to us by the OMMA. In late August, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana...
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    U.S. Surgeon General Says It’s High Time To Relax Marijuana Rules

    He believes the marijuana's current classification inhibits research for medical advancements that include cannabis and cannabinoids. In a bold move earlier this month, the U.S. Surgeon General called on the federal government to rethink marijuana’s classification as a...