1. Mr Bill

    Latest OMMA Stats Release

    Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority @OMMAOK As of February 18, 60,938 patient, 411 caregiver and 3,587 business applications received. 64,936 total. 49,637 patient, 294 caregiver, 986 dispensary, 1,690 grower and 465 processor licenses approved. 53,072 total. mb
  2. Mr Bill

    Medical Marijuana Faces Economic Viability Challenge

    Good article from the peeps over at Sooner Politics! With the passage of Oklahoma's State Question 788, Medical Marijuana became a reality for thousands of patients. Within months the first real cannabis medicine was cultivated and harvested. Dispensaries opened and product was put in consumers...
  3. Mr Bill

    Latest OMMA Stats

    Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority @OMMAOK As of January 14, 39,571 patient, 273 caregiver and 2,957 business applications received. 42,801 total. 30,835 patient, 191 caregiver, 848 dispensary, 1,385 grower and 361 processor licenses approved. 33,620 total.