Beware The MMJ Community Patient Drives!

Mr Bill

Outside Looking In
Staff member
Jan 9, 2019
You may have seen them. They're advertised as a 'get out the patients to sign up for medicinal marijuana' venture. Sounds good, but are you paying too much to apply for your medical marijuana card at these places? Here is the skinny.......................... I have seen some costing as much as $300! Oh, but "veterans" apply for half that, $150! That is a ridiculously exorbitant amount of money for the service!! If you have a primary care provider, they are always the first choice. You will pay only $100 for your card, and those on Medicare/Medicaid/Sooner Care, which many veterans are on, pay only $20!! Quite a difference there, huh?!

Now don't get me wrong, I love capitalism as much as the next guy. But come on, man, you need to be an informed shopper of these licensing entities who offer a one-stop shop alternative, many with some random doctor on premises! It's all about the money for many of these places. On the other hand, if you're wanting a simpler application process, and are willing to pay the premium, by all means, go for it! Your physician may not offer the licensing service either. It's good to have choices, no?! Just an FYI.