Marketing Thru Marijuana: Differentiate or Die

Mr Bill

Outside Looking In
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Jan 9, 2019
Hi guys, I came across this article over on Marijuana News Network (MNN) and it hit me as very true. There seems to be a sudden glut of medical marijuana dispensaries in many areas. Sooner or later there will probably be only those who are actively keeping up with the latest and greatest data on their potential clients. mb

............. This is the year that hippie cannabis dies. Woodstock is 50, and has just licensed its name to mega-retailer MedMen. Hemp is newly de-scheduled and igniting the imaginations of farmers and investors excited about the global opportunity. Pot Culture has become Pop Culture as legalization has spread coast-to-coast and pushed marijuana into the mainstream.

For grassroots marketers who have been playing in our fragmented American marketplace — where no two states share identical regulations or standards — things have gotten tough in the last year as legal competition from Big Pharma, Big Alcohol, Big Tobacco, Big Consumer Package Goods and Big Agriculture have transformed the playing field.

“As our nascent industry rockets from grassroots to global, it’s Differentiate or Die time for independent companies hoping to stay relevant in an increasingly noisy landscape.” MJBA Founder and veteran marketer David Rheins told MJNews Network.

“You must be able to stand out from the cacophony. My advice for the licensed cannabis business and ancillary provider alike, is to focus on defining your brand differentiation. Find a niche, fill a niche. Your competition moving forward is Big Industry, which has the money, the technology and the wherewithal to take a product from field or factory to shelf better than the little guy ever will.............”

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