Tulsa World Editorial: Medical Marijuana Could Get Reversed On A County-By-County Basis In Oklahoma

Mr Bill

Outside Looking In
Staff member
Jan 9, 2019
What an asshole this Murdock guy is being!

".............. Sen. Casey Murdock, a Panhandle legislator, wants to give his constituents the right to opt out of State Question 788, a voter-approved law allowing medical marijuana.

Imagine that: Medical marijuana could be safe, legal, regulated and taxed in one county and prosecuted a few miles down the road. What gets you over the nausea of chemotherapy in Guymon, gets you thrown in jail in Boise City.

The state could license a doctor-recommended drug to people in Woodward County, but they better not get caught holding it in Beaver County.

That’s not the way it’s supposed work, Sen. Murdock................................"

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